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Distinguished Law Enforcement Leader joins the Wine Country Marines Board of Directors.

Chief Susan Manheimer has recently embarked on a new chapter following a remarkable 39-year career in municipal policing, dedicated to serving and innovating within the communities of the San Francisco Bay Area. Renowned for her leadership across four diverse police agencies, Chief Manheimer brings a wealth of expertise in progressive criminal justice strategies, emphasizing collaboration, equity, and community empowerment.


As a sought-after consultant, trainer, and speaker, Chief Manheimer shares her extensive knowledge of police procedures, policies, and practices. Her commitment to advancing public safety through public/private partnerships, social and procedural justice, and progressive reforms has made her a trusted authority in law enforcement circles.


Chief Manheimer's impact extends beyond her direct service in law enforcement agencies. She serves as a Lead Instructor for the California Police Chiefs Association executive course, guiding future leaders in the field. Additionally, she has been selected as a Strategic Site Liaison for the US Bureau of Justice Assistance Public Safety Partnerships program, offering guidance and support to cities grappling with crime and community challenges.


In her recent roles as Interim Police Chief for both the San Leandro Police Department and the Oakland Police Department, Chief Manheimer demonstrated her ability to provide steady leadership during turbulent times. She navigated complex issues with grace, fostering collaboration between law enforcement and the communities they serve while advocating for meaningful reforms.


Throughout her 20-year tenure as Chief of the San Mateo Police Department, Chief Manheimer implemented innovative strategies to enhance safety and strengthen community trust. Her leadership was instrumental in the success of countywide initiatives, including the Countywide Gang Task Force and the Homeless Outreach Team, which have had a lasting impact on public safety.


Chief Manheimer's dedication to service extends beyond her retirement. She remains actively involved in her community, serving on the San Mateo County Juvenile Justice Commission and contributing her expertise to various advisory boards. Her lifelong commitment to social justice and community empowerment continues to inspire others, leaving a lasting legacy of positive change.


As the only woman to have served as president of the California Police Chiefs’ Association, Chief Manheimer has received numerous awards for her tireless advocacy and leadership. Her influence reaches far beyond state borders, as she continues to engage in national and international dialogues on policing and public safety.


In retirement, Chief Manheimer remains deeply committed to her community, embodying the spirit of service and leadership that has defined her illustrious career.

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