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Further possibilities of temperature measurement

In addition to the possibilities described above, the temperature can also be measured in the following ways:

For very high temperatures, e.g. in kilns in the ceramics industry - domyhomework , Seger cones are used. These are cone-shaped bodies made of special materials whose softening point depends on the temperature. When a certain temperature is reached, the tip of the cone tilts. You can therefore deduce the temperature from the shape of the cone.

With metals, e.g. heated steel, the colour depends on the temperature - solve chemistry problems . Since these colours occur during annealing, they are called annealing colours. For example, if steel anneals dark red, its temperature is lower than if it anneals light red. The temperature can be deduced from the colour.

Temperature scales

In Germany, temperature is usually measured in degrees Celsius - hire writer at same day essay writing service . However, there are also other temperature scales. Besides the Celsius scale, there is also the Kelvin scale, the Fahrenheit scale and the Réaumur scale. Figure 11 shows an overview of these four temperature scales. More detailed information on the temperature scales mentioned and on the people who created them can be found under the keywords (topics) Celsius, Kelvin, Fahrenheit and Reaumur.

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