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Tayo Jolaosho: Anthropology

As a PLDI fellow, I received leadership training that has prepared me to assume a more inclusive and collaborative faculty role. Through my participation, I have gained a broadened vision of the relationships among multiple constituents in higher education environments so as engage more efficiently across its various levels. My perspective of the field has been transformed in ways that enhance my teaching and dissertation help mentoring engagements with students as well as my collaborations with peers and faculty mentors. I am able to discern the concerns that propel various stakeholders, where these concerns overlap and how they might diverge. This discernment contributes a more comprehensive orientation towards the issues and challenges at stake within my particular sphere of influence and in the system as a whole.

Upon the culmination of this two-year fellowship, I note personal transformations as well—we have grown together. I feel more confident about the contributions of my leadership style, which is one of empathetic leadership. Collaboration with my peers and the mentorship of administrative leaders through the program has helped me clarify the value and potential limitations of this approach. Furthermore, I have been able to expand my leadership practices in collective endeavors. My peers taught me the importance of individual initiative and active participation that is perhaps best illustrated by one fellow’s email signature, a quote from William Arthur Ward: “Do more than belong: participate.” I have also learned to temper my eagerness to contribute with consideration for others’ perspectives so that our achievements are based on collective investment. And the process has been worthwhile.

Monica Vroman: Computer Science

I have enjoyed each semester of the PLDI program. They were all different, and each came with experience that helped me think of leadership in new and helpful ways. But if I were to choose the semester when I have learned the most, it would probably be 503. I had the privilege of shadowing Barbara Bender and seeing her lead meetings, talk to the people who are under her leadership, whom she always calls “colleagues”, and treats that way. While those meetings were very interesting to attend and learn from, only in the past few months have I realized how much I had learned from them. This semester, I have been in a few leadership (“mentorship” might be a better word) situations, where I have had to make decisions which greatly influenced the atmosphere and productivity of the meeting. Before having the PLDI experience, I know that I would have felt stuck in those kinds of situations, not knowing what to do to help the group move forward in a constructive way. But the skills I have acquired (and I think especially the skills that I learned from Barbara, Brent and our other PLDI mentors) have helped me assess these crisis PayForEssay situations, and quickly figure out what I can do to help the group move in a beneficial direction. I am grateful for this experience and how the program has helped me grow and develop my leadership skills, challenging my previous views on what it meant to be a leader, and helping me develop the skills of effective leadership.

So I want to say a big “thank you” to all our PLDI mentors and the people who have put the time and energy into developing this wonderful program. On my part, it was definitely time well spent.

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