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The American Flag Tee Shirt is 100% made in the USA. It is run by Veterans and produces everything to order in Colorado. Because the company focuses on making things in the United States, they can offer the highest quality products at the lowest prices. The company has been in business for more than three years, and they try to keep their products American-made. In some cases, they source their products from American companies that manufacture overseas, as long as they are affordable for their customers.

Patriotic Shirts

There are two types of patriotism. First, there is white Christian nationalism, which sees democracy as illegitimate and tries to take the country back. The second type of patriotism is focused on democracy, but in a different way. White Christian nationalists consider themselves patriots, believing that they have the right to take back their nation and make it their own. The white Christian nationalism approach is often accompanied by the use of guns.

The Patriot Front is another group of white supremacists. Members of this group believe that they are descendants of white men who conquered the United States. Patriot Front members often display an upside-down American flag during demonstrations, because they believe the current state of the country is not representative of their culture. The Patriot Front also uses the Betsy Ross flag, a design of the U.S. flag that features thirteen white stars in a blue canton. The Betsy Ross flag is an early version of the American flag, and represents a time when white men ruled the country.



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