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From Duty to Leadership: US Marine Corps Promotes 1stSgt Albert Chapa at Regimental Headquarters

In a poignant ceremony held today at the Regimental Headquarters in San Bruno, California, the United States Marine Corps celebrated the promotion of 1stSgt Albert Chapa. The promoting officer, LtCol Ben Early, officiated the ceremony, which was meticulously organized by SgtMaj Roberto Alviso, marking a significant milestone in the career of GySgt Chapa as he moves into the MOS of 8999, the designation for SgtMaj and 1stSgt.

1stSgt Albert Chapa has a commendable service record, having previously served as the Regimental Command Security Manager, HQ Company Gunnery Sergeant, and S-6 Transmissions Chief. Today, he ascends to the esteemed position of Company 1stSgt for the HQ Company, 23rd Marine Regiment.

Hailing from the vibrant city of San Antonio, Texas, 1stSgt Chapa was joined by his closest supporters: his mother, wife, and two sons. In a touching moment during the ceremony, both his mother and wife had the honor of pinning his new chevrons onto his uniform, signifying his elevated rank and the trust bestowed upon him by the Marine Corps, as well as reflecting on the fact that when a Marine serves, so does their family.

In his post-ceremonial speech, 1stSgt Chapa expressed profound gratitude to his fellow Marines, his leaders, and the community supporters who have contributed to his journey. He reserved a special mention for his family, acknowledging their unwavering support and sacrifice throughout his career. Notably, he paid tribute to his late father, a Sergeant of Marines whose legacy served as the cornerstone of 1stSgt Chapa's inspiration and dedication to service.

The promotion of 1stSgt Albert Chapa exemplifies the Marine Corps' commitment to recognizing and elevating exceptional individuals who embody the core values of honor, courage, and commitment. His leadership and dedication are testament to the ethos of the Marine Corps, and his promotion heralds a new chapter in his distinguished career.

As 1stSgt Chapa assumes his new responsibilities, he carries with him the trust and confidence of his peers, superiors, and the Marine Corps community. His journey stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of service and sacrifice that defines the proud legacy of the United States Marine Corps.


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