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Updated: Mar 26

We're rallying together for a special Birthday Card Mail Drop Operation dedicated to Mama Lou, a remarkable Marine Corps Veteran set to mark her 99th birthday milestone on March 31st.

Mama Lou's legacy in Marine Corps history is unparalleled; she bravely served at the Pentagon during WWII, playing a pivotal role in issuing Purple Heart citations. Born in Gilroy, California on March 31st, 1925, her journey embodies the true spirit of courage and dedication.

Mama Lou isn't just a veteran; she's a trailblazer. Her pioneering spirit led the way for today's Marines, especially female Marines, breaking barriers and paving the path for equality and inclusivity within the Corps. Her service and leadership inspire generations of Marines to strive for excellence, regardless of gender.

She enlisted in the Marines in honor of her father who was also in the service. He was in WWI and was exposed to Mustard Gas, he unfortunately passed away at the age of 50.  This is when Mama Lou enlisted to carry on the military tradition.  She was the first female from Gilroy to enlist.

Despite her incredible journey, Mama Lou now finds herself in hospice care, and this upcoming celebration is anticipated to be her final one.

Let's unite to ensure Mama Lou's birthday is etched into her memory forever, as we shower her with love and well-wishes from every corner of the globe.

We invite you to join us in sending your heartfelt birthday cards to:

156 Pickford Avenue,

San Jose, CA. 95127.

Each card, carrying your warm messages, holds the power to uplift Mama Lou's spirits and bring joy to her and her family during this challenging time.

Together, let's demonstrate the unwavering strength of our Marine Corps community and craft an unforgettable birthday experience for Mama Lou.

Thank you immensely for your unwavering support.

Semper Fidelis,

James Brown

Chairman, Wine Country Marines


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