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Task Force Tagalong

Lauren Payne is not your average Girl Scout. At just a young age, she has already shown a deep love and appreciation for the brave men and women serving in our military. Her father is a Soldier who served with the 82nd Airborne, and her mother is a Marine. So, it's no surprise that Lauren is a patriotic young girl who wants to give back to those who serve.

Lauren has been selling Girl Scout cookies for three years now, and she has a goal in mind: to raise enough money to attend camp. But instead of just focusing on her own goals, Lauren wants to use her cookie sales to make a difference for our local military units.

She is asking folks to buy cookies for themselves, or to donate them to local military units. And the best part? Lauren will personally deliver the cookies to the unit of your choice. You can even choose which branch of the military you would like to support: Army, Marine, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard. And if you have a specific unit in mind, you can ask for that too. For example, the 129th Air Rescue Wing at Moffett Field, the 23rd Marine Regiment, Marine Recruiting Station San Francisco, and many more.

By selling cookies, Lauren is not only learning valuable skills like basic math, communication, and entrepreneurship, but she's also learning about the importance of giving back to her community and supporting our military. She's a young girl with a big heart and a bright future ahead of her.

Lauren's cookie story is a true inspiration. Her dedication to supporting our troops and her entrepreneurial spirit are a great example of the positive impact that young people can have on their communities. We should all take a page out of Lauren's book and find ways to give back to those who serve our country.

To order, use the link below. And for donations to our local military (or police) units, choose personal delivery and Lauren will contact you to confirm what unit and branch of service you'd like them delivered to.


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